Friday, November 28, 2003

Tips for Asthama patients -
Rescue diet

Ayurveda classifies asthma as an acutely kaphic disorder brought on by excessive mucous and phlegm.

The remedy: Honey, the best anti-kaphic elixir known to man. Packed with subtle alcohols and ethereal oils, honey drains mucous from the respiratory passages and eliminates it from the lungs.

The ancient vaids actually believed that when an asthmatic patient so much as inhales the air above a pot of honey, his breathing becomes easier.

Apart from this rather romantic tip, avoid mucous forming foods like rice, wheat, yoghurt , bananas, nuts and all dairy products, especially ice cream and cheese.

Herbal help

Ginger, garlic and onions are all mucous busters, so keep those ‘tadkas’ going!

Steaming ginger tea or hot garlic milk should be taken in the morning and evening.

Add turmeric (haldi) for a more potent concoction.
‘Ajwain pani’ or caraway seeds boiled in water is also a traditional ayurvedic remedy for asthma.
-From "Mid-Day" November 27, 2003
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