Sunday, February 27, 2005

Yoga a cure to cure blood pressure and diabetes --

Mumbai’s renowned yoga centre, Kaivalyadham, has conducted the study to prove that yoga exercises are scientific and therapeutic, according to the findings of the study.
Individuals with a “Type A” personality are prone to heart attacks. India is already one of the most threatened countries by diabetes and heart attacks. Against this backdrop, it has become necessary to popularise the ancient science of yoga. The above study has only reaffirmed this fact. According to it, yoga has a soothing effect on one’s mind, making the individual feel calmer. Basically, yoga is controlling one’s lifestyle not just during the exercise period but over a period of life. By disciplining one’s habits, yoga helps in controlling cholesterol and also reduces the risk of heart disease.
Asthma patients can also benefit from therapeutic breathing exercises, which can increase their lung power. Yoga also serves as a means to clear the breathing passages. Deep breathing yoga exercises and other relaxation techniques help patients recover their mental and physical strength. These help diabetic patients by slowing down their metabolism.
Of course, some medical experts are still unsure about the effectiveness of yoga as a form of cure. They say that yoga doesn’t reduce the level of sugar so it doesn’t help a patient much.
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