Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dinacharya in Summer:
Ayurveda advises particular regimens to be followed in each season known as 'Ritucharya'.Summer (Greeshmaritu in Ayurveda) is the last season of 'adanakala' where the loss of energy from the earth is the most. Being a part of the cosmos the depletion of vital energy affects the human being in the same manner and leads to severe loss of strength. Since the sunrays become powerful and destructive day after day, there will be excessive evaporation and progressive deterioration of qualities like moist, soft, smooth, slimy and cold which in turn causes more dryness, roughness and heat in the body. In order to protect the individual from the above impact of summer, Ayurveda advises specific foods and lifestyle. Foods which are sweet, easy to digest, nutritious and cold. Preparations of corn flour and arrowroot with sugar are good to have in this season. Milk is very cool and strengthening. Fruits like grapes, watermelon, ripe mango, banana, jackfruit, pomegranate are to be eaten. Tender coconut water, buttermilk and sweet lassi are some of the ideal drinks for the season. Different types of dairy products are advisable. Water boiled with a combination of herbs-Mustha (Cyperus rotendus), Sandal wood, Coleus, Parpataka, Useera (Vetiveria zizanoides)- is an ideal drink for the summer. Water boiled with bark of pathimukha, roots of useera, coriander seeds etc and kept in earthen vessels is also good. Intake of ghee should be more. Take bath in cold water. Wear fine, thin, light cotton apparel. Spend the day in a cold atmosphere. Growing indoor plants and maintaining water fountains are helpful to sustain an ideal temperature. Sleep in spacious rooms with more ventilation. Summer is the only season when daytime sleep is permitted. Application of sandal paste and rose water is good.
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