Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ayurvedic Organic Jeans: Custom Clothing Company Makes Garments That Possess Medicinal Benefits

MUMBAI, India, July 8 -- Make Your Own Jeans (www।MakeYourOwnJeans।com), a company with global presence, specializes in making customized jeans to meet personal needs। They have recently created a new fashion product using techniques that go back over 5,000 years and are said to heal the body.This new organic jeans product uses a process that originated in India; it's called Ayurveda. Fabrics are dyed in medicinal herbs as a means of practicing Ayurvedic medicine to treat various illnesses. Ayurveda-treated fabrics expose these medicinal herbs to the body through the skin - the body's largest organ. Depending on which herbs are used in the dyes, Ayurveda-treated fabric may treat a broad range of medical conditions including skin ailments, diabetes, arthritis, digestive problems, high blood pressure and more. Each dye may contain up to 50 different herbs. MakeYourOwnJeans.com has received an Organic Certificate for their chemical free, Indian-origin fabrics from the Netherlands; the natural hand process dyeing is performed in the forests of India. Even the building where the fabrics are dyed is comprised of organic bricks.
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