Sunday, December 27, 2015

Becoming Ayurvedic practitioner in the US

Ayurveda is a holistic approach to personal wellbeing and medical healing which has its foundations in India, but has pervaded to other parts of the world over time, including the United States. Alternative medicine has gained popularity among the population over the last few years, perhaps owing to the negative effects of manufactured therapies, and the fact that natural remedies are less intrusive and have fewer side effects than their counterparts.

The following is the most basic information for those interested in setting up a career in any field of Ayurveda:

Education – a degree is not required in the United States in order to practice Ayurveda. However, medical practitioners looking to add alternative medicine to their skill set must first pursue the required education. Degree programs are available in India, right up to Doctorate levels. In US however, you can get approved professional courses lasting a few months for each level.

Main practice areas – Ayurveda is concerned with the application of holistic treatments and specialized alternative medical/health plans to treat patients with various ailments

Licensing – the practice itself requires no licensing as yet, but any medical professional must be appropriately vetted and licensed in their chosen field

Certification– Full-fledged degree programs are currently only available in India, and these may take five years to complete, even more, depending on the specifics of the course. Medical practitioners in other fields in the US can complete NAMA-approved educational programs, which include short-term, seminar/workshop-style courses, distance learning programs and 500-hour programs. On successful completion, the practitioner will be duly certified.

The US has no instituted standards on Ayurvedic practice, since it is fairly new to the market. You can easily add Ayurveda to your existing repertoire of medical expertise, which is the most common way practitioners in the US are using to venture into the field.

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