Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Government hospitals in UP introduce music therapy

Two government hospitals in Lucknow have introduced music therapy to cure patients suffering from mental and lifestyle disorders. The doctors in these hospitals have introduced classical music for specific disorders, including depression, dementia and other related problems.

According to Dr Ashutosh Dubey of Ram Manohar Lohia hospital, a number of patients have started responding favourably to the therapy.
“A patient , Aarav Kumar, from Barabanki district was suffering from moderate depression and instead of prescribing medicine, we asked him to listen to a particular ‘raga’ in classical music. Two weeks later, he admitted he was feeling better and said he did not require any medication,” the doctor said.
Another patient, Mr Suhail Khan, in the same hospital, was suffering from severe depression and could not even recall his own name and address. Along with basic medicines, the patient was asked to listen to classical music and he also showed a marked improvement on his next visit. “In my own cabin, I make sure that the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ is played continuously because patients are required to wait for their turn. Majority of them say that they feel better sitting in the cabin,” Dr Dubey said.

Explaining the phenomenon, Dr Devashish Shukl, a senior consultant at the RML hospital said that the vibrations that emanate from music activate the glands and improve the blood circulation in the body, which soothes the nerves and bring a sense of relief to the patients.

The civil hospital also has found a positive impact of music, both vocal and instrumental, on patients.
“Some patients feel better listening to film songs on their radio and we allow them to play music with earphones so that others are not disturbed.
Doctors in Lucknow, in consultation with senior faculty members of the Bhatkhande Music College, have shortlisted the ragas that help in curing people.
For instance, Raag Darbari and Raag Sarang are beneficial in treating cardiac patients. Sitar recital also helps in improving the cardiac functioning. Insomnia can be cured to an extent by listening to Raag Bhairavi and Raag Sohni . Flute recital is also known to lull one to sleep. Raag Khamaj helps in relieving a patient from acidity, especially if one listen to this while eating.

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