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Ayurvedic herbs that will keep your body cool

This extremely cooling ingredient is a mild sedative that calms the body and mind.Jatamansi is excellent to reduce heat in the head. Mix a tsp of the powder in a glass of hot or boiling water, keep it covered for four to six hours, then strain and drink before bed.

Amla in any form in extremely cooling, however as fresh amla is not available in summer, you could go for the powder form or eat it as a murabba (a sweet fruit preserve). Amla cools body from the inside—it is an excellent antioxidant, and works to reduce heat all the way from the upper respiratory area to the lower GI tract. Mix a tsp of the powder in your juice during summer or boil mint leaves to make tea and add a tsp of the powder.

Also called bilva, this is one of the most effective summer coolers. It reduces heat in the liver and intestines, soothes acidity and disturbed digestion. Scoop out the fruit, puree with water and drink with a bit of rock salt for best results.

While topical sandalwood calms a heat rash, it can also be consumed. It is extremely cooling for the lymph, blood and circulatory systems. It can be especially handy during a sunstroke. You can consume two to four tsps of Chandanasav (an Ayurvedic preparation) twice a day if you’re prone to a heat stroke, have a burning sensation or low hydration.”

Also known as Ushira in Sanskrit and vetiver in English, khus sherbet used to be an essential summer drink.You can reap the benefits of its roots to keep your body cool by infusing the ingredient in water. “Add a bundle of the roots to your water bottle or toss them into a clay matka to stay cool during summer.”

Rose benefits the skin equally whether it is eaten or applied. To make a rose milkshake, blend a handful of organic fresh or dry rose petals with a glass of milk and drink up. Use a spoonful of honey to sweeten the shake.

 Liquorice or mulethi is an ideal ingredient to sooth the upper respiratory tract. It is good for when you feel like you may come down with the flu or for irritations in the throat. Just chew on a stick to reap its benefits.

The effect of this herb is extremely cooling. You can take a tsp of this with water or milk anytime of the day.

The roots is good for the heart, liver and the circulatory system. You can boil half a tsp each of anantmool powder, amalaki and shatavari, and add fresh mint leaves to make a cooling summer drink.

You can beat The Summer Heat, avoid dehydration and maintain vitality, by following this Ayurveda recommended Summer Lifestyle.
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