Monday, December 22, 2003

India’s first Child Specialist’ chyawanprash, Sivananda Bal Chyawanprabha has been launched. This special formulation has been designed to address the needs of growing children, keeping in mind the increasing pressures of today's lifestyles. Bal Chyawanprabha has a sweeter and child friendly taste that makes it more palatable than the other standard formulations of Chyawanprash

Bal Chyawanprabha not only provides immunity and addresses the physical needs of the body, but also helps in the child’s mental development. Herbs like Brahmibooti & Shankpushpi that are not present in the standard formulations, help in improving the concentration and mental development of children in their growing years. Apart from this, the formulations contain child specific herbs in optimal quantity, each of which address specific nutritional needs of children in their growing years.

Sivananda Chyawanprash range:
Sivananda has also launched two other variants to cater to the adults and older people in the family. While Amrit Chyawanprabha addresses the needs of older people, Sivananda Chyawanprash is the original formulation as per Ayurved Saar Sangrah, and is best suited for the adults in the family.

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