Monday, February 25, 2008

Ayurveda, finding favours from CEOs
Anurag Sharma New Delhi, Feb 25 (PTI)

With rise in demand for ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines, thanks to advertisement and marketing techniques, traditional ways of treatment systems are sought after by patients who are looking for ways for cure of various chronic and lifestyle induced ailments।Anoop Misra, Director, Department of Diabetes and Metabolism, Fortis Group of Hospitals, says that the demand for Ayurvedic medicines has fast increased in the last five years to more than 3,000 crores, as they have started marketing their products in a better manner and also done scientific trials to prove the permanent cure of some diseases।But as far as the emergency and cardiac medicines are concerned, there is no alternative to allopathy, he adds।According to a survey by ASSOCHAM, of the 400 Indian CEOs surveyed, over 40 per cent of the CEOs are taking to ayurvedic treatments to handle stress like naturopathy, massage, acupuncture and acupressure. Metros and towns in the coming 5-6 years would have huge ayurvedic centres for treating stress related disorders, it said.Amrit Kalsi, Senior Medical Officer, Delhi Government, says, "The demand for ayurvedic medicines has increased in the last few years and to cure chronic ailments such as respiratory diseases, fevers, skin diseases, viral infections, asthma and allergic disorders, people are choosing the traditional way of treatment before allopathic."

Monday, February 11, 2008

By Raphael Calzadilla, B.A., CPT, ACEeDiets Chief Fitness प्रो

Here are a few hot, new classes that will not only make you feel sexy, but will also help you to strip (no pun intended) some body fat।

Belly Dancing Looking for a form of sexy movement not found in the hollow confines of a weight room or on a boring treadmill? In search of true woman-power? This is one of the most popular new classes being taught in gyms and aerobic studios. Instead of boring crunches, you’ll be learning diaphragm breathing; instead of performing rep after rep on an adductor machine, you’ll be moving your hips like an out-of-control twister. Belly dancing is one of the best ways to gain complete control of your abdominal muscles and hips, learn how to breathe deeply and master your own body. Not only that, it’s totally fun.
Cardio Strip Tease This class is raising eyebrows and leading many women on a path of discovering just how wonderful and sexy they actually are -- no matter how much they weigh. Cardio strip tease actually became popular a few years ago, but is experiencing resurgence lately.The goal is a low impact, total body workout with slow and sensual movements commonly associated with the local strip club. Don’t worry! No one will be recruiting you for the local happening spot -- but you will drop stubborn body fat. In fact, a 135-pound woman can burn 400-500 calories in one hour with this program.
The workout was developed by Jeff Costa. He refers to it as the "Circles of Movement" training techniques. The technique allows the body to engage the core muscles and teaches one to move in patterns that are natural and easy people of all ages -- no matter what the fitness level.
A bit too inhibited to attend a class? No problem. Costa has a Cardio Strip Tease video series, which allows you to burn fat in the comfort of your home. Time to take it off!
Belly Fusion This new and exciting class combines modern dance movements with belly dancing. The class is intended to tighten the waist, hips and abs by combining modern dance with sexy belly dancing movements. The dance moves improve your balance and coordination and the belly dancing release your sensuality. In a series of invigorating moves, you’ll blend total-body muscle tightening exercises, body consciousness, female power and dance energy.
Pole DancingLike in strip clubs। Now you think I’ve lost my mind, no doubt। When I first learned of this class, even I doubted its validity, but this is one of the most popular new classes out there. For 60-90 minutes, women are increasing strength, burning calories, improving coordination and experiencing just how sexy they can be. Actress Sheila Kelley, formerly of the 80's hit courtroom drama L.A. Law, actually teaches others how to pole dance. The classes are intended to help women feel sexy and confident, without relying on anyone else to make them feel that way. As an added bonus, participants get in great shape, lose fat and feel amazingly empowered. One of my jobs as a trainer is to teach people to think “out of the box.” If you hate the thought of exercise, then it’s time to throw away the traditional sets and reps workout for awhile. It’s time to get fit, lose fat and feel sexy.