Monday, March 13, 2017

Reduce Diabetes with this home made Ayurvedic remedy

Diabetes is just naturally a lifestyle disorder. So, people suffering from diabetes have to make some change in their lifestyle. Major changes in diet are diabetes diet. Diabetes is the body’s metabolic rate, decrease the production of insulin in the body that influence individual

Diabetes is the situation where the body’s metabolic rate decreases with this change the production of insulin in the body usually varies. As insulin is not properly absorbed by the body it causes fluctuations in the blood sugar levels.

To reduce the Diabetes in one month, you need to follow this simple Homemade Ayurveda Remedy.

Materials needed:

Lady’s Finger – ½ a cup (chopped)
Ginger juice – 2 Tbsp
How to make remedy:

Add the ingredients above mentioned in a mixer grinder. Grind them until it forms a liquid mixture. Add water until required. Filter the liquid with a strainer. It is recommended to take this remedy before breakfast.

This home remedy can be great, also if this remedy is taken daily,  the results will be more effective.

Apart from taking this remedy, follow the fat-free and sugar-free diet. Also, regular exercise will give better results.

The lady’s finger has high fibre, vitamin content which regulates the excess blood sugar levels
Ginger has high poly-phenyls content. It reduces the Body glucose levels. With this, diabetes will get reduced in one month.
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Ayurvedic drugs for chronic kidney disease

As the world celebrates World Kidney Day on Thursday, there is good news for patients suffering from critical kidney disorders as an ayurvedic medicines have proved beneficial in treatment of the life taking disease.

According to a latest research, ayurvedic drug prepared of punarnava plant (Boerhavia diffusa) and other established kidney protective herbs in ayurvedic formulations have shown promising results in preventing and reducing the increased levels of kidney function parameters – serum creatinine. The Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study 2015 ranked chronic kidney disease 17th among the causes of deaths globally. In India, GBD 2015 ranked chronic kidney disease as the eighth leading cause of death. Deaths due to renal failure in the country have rose to 36,000 in 2015 from 86,000 in 2003. According to research paper published in The Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, the Neeri KFT, which is a blend of punarnava plant, leaves of lotus, patharchur and other key herbs, has proved to be a life saving drug for all those kidney patients who are under the regular dialysis. The drug has also helped in maintaining histological parameter of kidneys apart from reducing increased levels of uric acid and electrolytes.

Protect Your Kidney with Ayurveda.