Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Music Helps to Ease Arthritis Pain
Scientists in Florida have found that just 20 minutes a day of music was enough for patients to report more than a 50% reduction in pain levels. Over the 14-day listening period, the amount of natural pain relief continued to increase.

The research was published in the Journal for Advanced Nursing. It was based on tests on 66 older people with chronic osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common degenerative disease in humans. Previous studies have shown that music can improve motivation, elevate mood, and increase feelings of control. It is thought to release endorphins, which reduce pain, decrease blood pressure, the heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen consumption.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Ayurveda Secrets-“We have failed in exploiting our own strength. Ayurveda can diminish stress and depression but we lack faith in it. There is something subtle about Ayurveda which has continually drawn many Westerners to it. It’s time we wake up and grab the chance to create a positive attitude towards our heritage.” --Ashwin Barot, who has been practising Ayurveda in the UK for over two decades.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

'India will be a superpower in 20 years'

Jeffrey Armstrong's prediction - "In the US alone, over half a dozen universities have been approached to recognise ayurveda as a complimentary therapy and I am hopeful that within a couple of years, this branch of medicine will be as popular as other Indian therapies like yoga and transcendental meditation,’’ he says, adding that the National Ayurvedic Medicine Association (NAMA) has already been set up in Canada and the US to promote the cause.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Ayurvedicl rival for the pill

The first scientifically approved herbal contraceptive pill - based on a 2500-year-old Indian recipe - could be available within three years, according to researchers.

They say the drug, which is about to undergo clinical trials, will provide women with an effective, safe and cheap alternative to existing contraceptive options.

Roy Chaudhury, president of Delhi Medical Council and head of India's herbal contraceptive development taskforce, described early development of the pill as "very promising".

"This would be a great gift from India to the world."

The main ingredients of the herbal contraceptive are two shrubs that grow in the Himalayan foothills - false pepper (Embelia ribes) and long pepper (Piper longum).

- Telegraph

Ayurveda Now In Digitised Format

NEW DELHI: In a bid to protect traditional knowledge in Ayurveda, scientists have prepared a traditional knowledge digital library (TKDL) that documents information from existing literature in the area.

In the first phase, information has been documented in a digitalised format in five international languages — English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese — according to Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) director general, RA Mashelkar.

About 36,000 Ayurvedic formulations have been transcribed in a patent application format for the benefit of those eager for existing information before applying for a patent, he said. The project involved collaboration between the National Institute of Science Communication and Inform-ation Resources (Niscair), office of controller general of patent designs and trade marks, department of industrial policy and promotion, and the department of Indian systems of medicine and homoeopathy. In the next phase, policies would be worked out depending on the access of the data, Dr Mashelkar said.

Initially, data on around 500 formulations will be made available to those applying for patents as a showcase of the project. The rest is likely to be released in January.


Thursday, January 08, 2004

Healthy Diets for Diabetics

(HealthDayNews) -- If you have diabetes, healthy eating should be an integral part of managing your disease. A good diet can help control your weight and blood sugar level.

Use vegetable spray instead of oil, shortening, or butter.
Steam vegetables using a low-fat broth or water.
Season foods with herbs and spices, vinegar, lemon juice, or salsa.
Use low or sugar-free jams instead of butter or margarine.
Use low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese, or nonfat yoghurt.
Eat chicken or turkey without the skin.
Buy only lean meats and broil, roast, stir-fry or grill them.
Use canola or olive oil rather than vegetable oils.
Buy whole-grain breads and cereals

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Healing the Ayurvedic Way

Dissatisfied with the present day medical practices, more and more people around the globe are in search of a total healing health care systems. This search for a safe and natural health care system has brought into light the uniqueness and importance of Ayurveda. The 5000 years old natural health care system of India, Ayurveda is in great demand globally.

Ayurveda is more than a system of medical treatment. It focuses on maintaining the health of body mind and spirit by proper use of deities, exercises, positive outlook and leading a life in tune with nature. Ayurveda, the safe and effective herbal health care system emphasizes on detoxification and rejuvenation therapies, which making it the most sought after among natural health care systems.