Saturday, April 07, 2007

Now, Gomutra in powder form
Saturday April 7 2007 12:56 IST
BELGAUM: ’Gomutra’ -urine of cow in powder form? Seems to be impossible? A doctor from Kittur village in the district has made this possible. He claims that the powder can cure several chronic ailments. Gomutra has a special place in Ayurveda. However S P Hiremath, who has ‘transformed’ Gomutra in to powder says that though Gomutra was a ‘Ram Baana’ for several diseases, nobody succeeded in transforming it in the form of powder.The 56 year doctor, who lives in village, says that he has been doing research on Gomutra since three decades and now the research has paid him expected results. Hiremath earlier served in Army and returned to his hometown after his retirement and took up farming.However he developed interest in Gomutra as each and every villager considers Gomutra as holy and at the same time it can cure diseases.He started his research on Gomutra and he found that Gomutra has enormous power to cure several diseases including skin diseases. Hiremath told this website's newspaper that the powder can cure cancer and is a best medicine for heart disease. It can also cure kidney stones, liver stones. It is best to increase potency too, he said. He also claimed that he had cured epilepsy with Gomuthra. Hiremath said the powder can increase the memory power of the children if it was given regularly along with the milk. He said he experimented on himself before prescribing it to others. Hiremath said only Gomutra of usual cows - seen in the country side is useful to prepare the powder. The Gomutra of Jersy cow has no medicinal value he added. Food habits like non-vegetarian, alcohol consumption, smoking, chewing gutkha and other habits have to quit to see results of the powder.
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