Friday, August 17, 2007

Ayurvedic Medicine can offer weight loss Tips Tailored to your Body type.

What’s your dosha?

According to Ayurveda each person has a unique mix of three mind/body principles that create specific mental and physical characteristics. The three principles are called “dosha.”

Two people struggling with their weight could have two totally different recommendations based on ayurveda.According to a person’s body type (dosha), that determines what type of exercise they should do and what time of day they should exercise.

People with Kapha body type, which is most prone to being overweight, may need to exercise more than once a day at specific times and for longer periods. Additionally, because that body type often has a hard time absorbing liquids, they need to be careful not to consume to much water with their meals.

Kepha patients need to include a large amount of ginger in their diets to improve their digestive fire. However, patients who do not have a Kapha body type would suffer from heartburn is they consumed too much ginger, making it important to have a correct dosha identified.
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