Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sodas Makes You Fat

A huge study in California has revealed that drinking soda drinks (fizzy drinks) makes people fat. The soda industry along with the producers of high fructose corn syrup that is often used in the drinks have been denying for years that there is any connection between drinking soda and putting on weight.

However, the rates of diabetes and obesity in America have been increasing year on year as the population drink ever larger amounts of sodas.

The study comprised of a questionnaire asking amongst other things, about the habit of soft drink use in 4,000 adolescents and 43,000 adults. The researchers concluded that just drinking one soda a day raised the risk of obesity by 27%. As a comparison, of all the adults who drank a minimum of one soda a day, 62% were obese or over weight.

The study also revealed that 24% of adults, 62% of adolescents and 41% of children drink at least one soda daily. This means that 39 ponds of liquid sugar are consumed yearly by the average Californian teenager.

The health cost of this excessive consumption of soda drinks is being met by the health care system and it is certain that obesity and diabetes is taking up a huge amount of the overall resources within the entire health care system. In particular, this is due to heart disease, cancer, depression and other diseases that cost a lot to treat.

The health care providers are now beginning to take note of how much soda drinks are contributing to the total health care cost for the nation.

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