Thursday, November 12, 2009

9 November 2009,
VARANASI: While the side effects of modern allopathic drugs used for control of diabetes, one of the fastest spreading disease in the country, is
still being questioned, ayurveda experts in the region believe that drug, diet and exercise control could go a long way in controlling the disease, without costing too much on the pocket.
"Most parts of the country are blessed with indigenous herbs and medicinal plants that are known to control diabetes for years," said Prof KN Dwivedi, head, department of dravyaguna, faculty of Ayurveda, BHU.
Ayurveda drugs prepared from these plants are free from side-effects and naturally induce the immune system to fight against diabetes, he added.
Referring to some of the medicinal plants including Vijaysar (Pterocarpus marsupium), Sadabahar (Lochnera rosea), Gudmar (Gymnema silvestre) and herbs like Methi (Trigonella foenumgraecum) that have potential to control diabetes, Prof Dwivedi stressed on the need for taking balanced diet and indulging in exercise to keep diabetes away.
"There is only one formula to keep diabetes under control-eat healthy to feel healthy," he said. It also means taking balanced diet (adequate calories) and avoiding fast foods especially junk food. Also, light exercise (15 minutes each in the morning and evening) can have wonderful effect on the body, he added.
"Recent studies have shown that by controlling obesity, around 60 per cent cases of diabetes can be prevented. Similarly, the integrated approach of controlling diet, lipid profile and exercise can prevent around 80 per cent of diabetes," he said.
Speaking about some of the qualities of medicinal plants that have surfaced during research work in BHU, Prof Dwivedi said that most of these plants are known to increase insulin sensitivity for controlling diabetes.
They contain natural free radical scavengers (anti-oxidants) that promote glucose absorption from gastro-intestinal tract, he added.
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