Sunday, August 31, 2014

Symbolic Meaning of God Ganesha Statue

 Ganesh is a God of Intelligence .That is why we worship this God Ganesh at the beginning of every activity in our life like may be beginning of study ,wedding ceremony ,entering in new house etc .By this worship we want to appeal that ‘Please give us such a Intelligence by which we can prevent obstacles or we can overcome them if at all it happens ,’

Statue of God Ganesh also has so many symbolic teachings to us .His face is of Elephant .We know that Elephant is supposed to be Intelligent & strong animal .So we must also try to become strong & Intelligent .Broad forehead is also indicating Intelligence ,because in human body we have all centers of Intelligence( higher functions)  in forehead.Small eyes of Ganesh indicates sharp vision capable to select in between Good & Bad .Big ears teaches us to become  a good listener .Big belly is indicating that God Ganesh can digest many mistakes of human being (& forgive them ).Similarly we should also try to accept the mistakes done by other people & can forgive him to give a chance for improvement .Trunk of elephant  can pick up a beautiful Lotus & at the same time   ,when he becomes furious ,he can uproot even a strongest tree .So we  should also be soft spoken in day to day activities & also should be strong enough to make a lesson to bad people .

While worshiping God Ganesh it will be better if we could understand this aspect & purpose of festival .Otherwise worship can only become mechanical process.

Second point is regarding when we chant Aarti of Ganesh or Atharvashirsha .What is the meaning of this ? Are they only words or have some other sense? Yes ! any prayer has it’s own importance .Prayer is a dialogue with our soul.Prayer is like food of soul .Prayer is a process of Introspection .So it should be more of quite type ,with closed eyes,with sitting in a comfortable position .Prayer is a Meditation .Words in the prayer are like Mantra . Mantra chanting is like Music Therapy .It has a power to clean your mind,removing bad thoughts & implanting smoothening & nourishing thoughts .Prayer is like taking bath or shower to clean your mind & refresh your soul .

Athrvashirsha word itself has specific meaning .This is made up of A + THARVA + Shirsha .Tharva means unstable .Atharva means Stable .Shirsha means head or brain or mind .So by chanting Atharvashirsha regularly can make your brain or mind or thoughts more stable ,calm & happy .Chanting of this mantra is like Tonic in this fast life or Hyperactive life style ,to chilled down our senses .

So let us make Salute to God Ganesh or Power of intelligence !!

---By Prof.Dr.R.R.Deshpande
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