Monday, January 23, 2017

Ayurvedic anticancer drug showing promise in trials

Research on the effect of an ayurvedic drug on cancer has shown promising results in tests on mice, said pathologist Dr Vinod Shidham, who is currently working in the USA.
Currently, Dr Shidham is part of a unique research for cancer treatment using an ayurvedic medicine called 'Rohitak'. He said, "The medicine has been tested on mice for treating prostate cancer with good results; we plan to perform similar method for pancreatic cancer treatment."
He said, "Any tumour cell requires blood supply, without which it will die. Initially, we took out malignant tissue and allowed the tumour to grow. Then, using an ayurvedic medicine named 'Rohitak' on a tissue, we observed that the medicine does not kill the tumour but it is shrinking the blood vessels that pass through it. With no blood supply, the tumour dies."
Dr Shidham said, "Once we are able to get successful results on pancreatic cancer, we will be looking forward to perform clinical trials to get the treatment into mainstream." He added, "If India starts to perform such clinical trials, the cancer scenario will improve."

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