Sunday, May 31, 2009

From Times of India(31 May 2009)
Mental peace is the main mantra of healthy life that brings out a glow of satisfaction on your face and one can achieve it by following a lifestyle that has been recommended by Ayurveda. One has to learn to keep constant dialogue with your body,Keep balance in your diet, exercise and work according to individual health conditions, age and capacity. Everyone has to be persistent about cleanliness and oral and dental care. One needs to keep all body cavities clean for a healthy life.
One must follow nature's clock. Start a day with a glass of lukewarm water, exercise regularly; half an hour walk is advisable. After the age of forty, one should do oil massage and take hot water bath after that. One must be regular in taking good breakfast and meal timings. One should avoid excess oil and spices. Seniors are advised to add fresh fruits, green vegetables, rajgira, nachni and whole pulses in their diet. For good digestion one must keep three to six hours distance in the meals and don't munch anything in between. According to each season seniors should adjust their extra activities. Human emotions make a big impact on one's mental and physical health. Seniors need to have smooth dialogue with other family members. Positive approach is essential to lead a happy life. As a diagnosis in time saves lots of anxiety and money, seniors should keep regular contact with family doctor and with his/her consultation check blood pressure, sugar and thyroid test.