Tuesday, June 06, 2006

young children should be exposed to the ayurvedic philosophy

Personally.I believe that Ayurveda and meditation should be taught in our
public schools as a general course like math or grammar. If you start our
children young, like maybe 5th grade by the time they graduate high school
it would be commonsense like proper hygiene. I believe that preventive
medicine is the only way to stop suffering in this world. Preventive
medicine is the golden ring in Ayurveda and it doesn't take a genius to
understand it. It is nothing more then commonsense once you see it, smell
it, taste it, hear it and feel it. You don't need a dentist to tell you to
brush your teeth if you want to keep them, and you don't need a doctor to
tell you how to be healthy. Can you imagine growing up knowing your Prakruti
and what Vata, Pitta and Kapha are? Suppose your parents feed, and raised
you to support your Prakruti. If the whole world lived this way we would
live a much better life's. People would be happier, more productive and
generally more supportive of our fellow human beings.

As soon as you start saying that you need a license to tell your children
how to be healthy you open the door for commercialism and greed, and you
take the natural order out of equation. Ayurveda was born from nature and
should remain as such. You don't need massive schooling to understand your
personal nature; a little guidance and meditation on you true nature and you
will know more then any doctor could ever tell you. I believe it is the
responsibility of every Ayurvedic physician to teach their clients how to be
their own independent body mind and soul caretakers ..

Noel Gilbert
Body, Mind & Soul
LifeStyle Counselor
Ayurveda - Herbalism
Nutrition - Medical Astrology

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