Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ayurvedic Cooking Makes a Comeback!
( - Bangkok,Bangkok,Thailand)
Ayurveda literally means ‘the science of life’. This ancient but highly advanced science stresses on correct food habits, appropriate exercise, specific breathing techniques and a peaceful meditative mind as the pathways to a long and healthy life.
Ayurvedic cooking is based on the ancient texts of the Ayurveda where the food prepared is not just flavourful but is also believed to cleanse the body of toxins and rejuvenate the system.
The basic principals of Ayurvedic cooking places equal importance on the cooking technique as of the ingredients themselves. Freshness is a vital factor (so think twice before reaching out for those tinned chickpeas!) The right food taken at the right time in the right combination based on individual body types is believed to be the key to good health.

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