Saturday, January 05, 2008

India’s Glorious Scientific Tradition- research had taken deep roots in India
Such a description of the cell is not possible without a microscope. This means that the author of Vriksh Ayurveda, must have had the knowledge of the microscope thousands of years ago. At that time, no one in the west knew about it. This was the scientific vision of Vriksh Ayurveda. If it is considered to be written even in 200 AD, then let us see as to when the west gained knowledge about the microscope and botany. It was only about 200 or 300 years ago and they have been acknowledged as great scientists and our country, which had this knowledge ages back, was called the country of snakes and snake charmers! We need to contemplate on how many years it must have taken to carry out the research and then acquire such a deep scientific foresight, because in no other country has botany been studied so long ago and in such detail as in India. However, our scholars of botany do not have this in the textbooks because they do not know Sanskrit. Whether they know the language or not, if in the future, they make Sanskrit compulsory for the science students, then the path to the history of science in this country will be wide open. How can anyone who does not know Sanskrit learn about Vriksh Ayurveda?

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