Thursday, January 14, 2010

Invite for US experts to learn Ayurveda
Anuradha Mascarenhas(

Pune The Union Health Ministry has invited a team of US-based medical experts on January 27 to encourage Indo-US ayurvedic research and give them an opportunity to understand ayurveda and its practice. The government will also send a team of ayurveda experts to US where they will impart lessons of yoga, meditation and oil massage treatments.
The five-day visit will explore the possibilities of introducing evidence-based ayurveda, yoga and meditation in the United States medical education, research and patient care areas and promote research between the two countries under the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding.

Dr Navin Shah, former president of American Association Physicians of Indian Origin, told The Indian Express via email, that the Health Ministry has invited top medical experts and researchers to New Delhi. Shah will lead the delegation — Dr David Eisenberg, Harvard Medical School, Dr Anastasia Rowland-Seymour, Johns Hopkins University, Dr Benjamin Kligler, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr Aviad Haramati, Georgetown University, Dr Victoria Maizes, University of Arizona and Dr Anne Nedrow, Oregon Health and Science University.

“Under Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM), in some of the US medical schools, information is provided on herbal medicine, yoga, meditation, and massage therapy. However, no recognised course on ayurveda is taught in the US medical schools,” said Shah.

The presentations will focus on benefits of ayurveda in five major diseases and benefits of five herbs (simple or in combination) in treating various diseases. A special lecture will deal with the role of diet in both health and diseases.

“The team will scrutinise 10 proposals put forth by ayurveda experts for joint Indo-US research. This will help Indian ayurveda institutions and faculties to interact with their US counterparts for research collaborations,” said Shah.

“The National Institute of Health, USA, has also evinced interest in such joint projects,” Shah said adding the delegation will visit Ayurved Medical College and Hospital in Jaipur. India has 150 ayurveda colleges; 50 post-graduate ayurveda institutions; 70,000 students; 10,000 faculty members; and 3,000 ayurveda hospitals.

The delegation will also visit one ayurveda pharma factory to understand the drug formulation, production, preservation, safety, and research areas.

Two ayurveda professors from India will visit six US institutions and provide evidence-based lectures to medical students, faculty members, and the practicing physicians.

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