Monday, November 23, 2015

Marma chikitsa can cure lifestyle ailments

Marma chikitsa is based on the healing-touch ayurvedic science concept, which is mainly dependent on 107 sensitive points in the human body for curing various ailments. It was practised by Indian sages in the ancient times even before yoga and other forms of healing practices appeared globally.
Marma chikitsa is quite effective in curing modern day lifestyle generated ailments. Renowned Marma chikitsa expert Dr Sunil Joshi stated this while addressing mediapersons at Haridwar.

Dr Joshi said the Marma art of treatment is based on 107 sensitive points in our body. All these points are connected with the brain and are pressed lightly or hardly to stimulate senses. Besides curing various ailments, this therapy is quite effective in preventive aspects too, making a person live a healthy life and strengthening his immune system.

Advanced courses in Marma chikitsa are conducted by International Academy of Ayurveda (

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