Monday, June 08, 2009

Diet plan for Diabetes - Type I
In type -1 Diabetes, pancreas does not produce any insulin at all। Hence type -1 diabetics need to take insulin injections in order to control blood sugar levels।The key to diabetes management is diet, exercise and insulin. Exercise regularly but don't go overboard as there is a risk of hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar) in diabetes.Talk to your Physician/ Diabetes Specilaist, take your insulin injections on time and have small frequent meals. Monitor your blood sugar levels with glucometer.Diet plays a very important role in maintaining Blood sugar levels near to normal. Keep the following into account.
- Do not Fast and Do Not Feast.
- Have meals at regular intervals and avoid skipping any meals as it may lower your blood sugar to dangerous levels.
- Make sure there is consistency in your diet and calories should be taken in prescribed amounts.
- Avoid high calorie foods like fried food, junk food, refined starches like common flours (maida), Bombay rava/suji, and products such as noodles, pizza and burgers.
- Have whole grains like oats, whole wheat porridge ( wheat rava/dalia) - Limit intake of rice specially if it is white polished rice. Try brown rice.
- Prefer whole wheat flour chapatis. - Have fruits and vegetables in your diet with the exception of root vegetables like potato, yam, colocasia (arvi) and sweet potato, jackfruit. Fruits to be avoided are bananas, mango, sapota, grapes, litchi, custard apple.
- Include foods rich in fibre and space your meals properly.
- Have a fixed mealtime and avoid snacking in between meals.- Avoid sweets and sugar containing foods.

Richa Saxena, M.Sc. (Nutrition), RD (Regd. with IDA),Consultant Nutritionist ; Registered Dietitian

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