Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Simple Exercise to Calm the Mind

Each morning I do a simple exercise that calms my
mind, leaving me with a wonderful relaxed feeling to start
the day. This exercise only takes a few minutes. In fact, I
sometimes use it at other times in the day when I need
to relax before an event that might be stressful. If you
have to make a speech in front of a large group of people,
it can quickly reduce anxious feelings that are often felt
when faced by that prospect.

It has a soothing effect on the entire nervous system and
helps to balance brain activity and strengthens the
respiratory system.

This simple exercise is called "Alternate Nostril
Breathing." It falls into a category of exercises called
Pranayama (or simply breathing exercises).

The technique is simple and only takes about five
minutes. Keep your breathing natural as you perform this
exercise. Do not strain or push the air in or out. As with
other ayurvedic exercises, do them in a quiet room
without distractions, concentrating on your movements.

1. Sit erect in a cross-legged posture or in a comfortable

2. Close your eyes, rest your mind, place your right hand
near your nose. Let your right thumb rest lightly against
your right nostril. Let your ring finger rest lightly against
your left nostril. Exhale slowly.

3. Gently close your right nostril. Slowly and quietly
inhale through your left nostril.

4. Close your left nostril, release pressure on your right
nostril to open it, and exhale slowly and quietly.

5. Without pause, inhale through your right nostril slowly
and quietly.

6. Press your right nostril closed, open your left, and

7. This completes one round. Continue to repeat the
exercise continuously for about 5 minutes, then sit
quietly with your eyelids lowered for about 2 minutes.

To learn more about such breathing exercises visit here

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