Sunday, January 24, 2016

An effective remedy for treating urinary tract infections — Banyan tree bark

In Ayurveda, the bark of the Banyan tree is used for treating female genital tract infections caused by sexually transmitted diseases,’ says Dr H S Palep, Visiting Scientist at Haffkine’s Institute for Training, Research & Testing, Mumbai and Chairman, Dr.Palep’s Medical Research Foundation and also a practicing gynecologist trained in Ayurveda.

The bark of the tree can actually be effective in treating urinary tract infections like trichomonias, vaginitis and also pelvic inflammatory infections. Trichomonias is a common sexually transmitted infection and causes symptoms like vaginal itching, pain during intercourse and urination and abdominal pain. ‘Banyan tree bark is administered to patients in the form of capsules or even loose extracts. Other than this, bark decoctions can also be used as a vaginal douche, but that isn’t as effective as taking it in the capsule form,’ says Dr Palep.

In fact, a form of Ayurvedic treatment known as Panchavakal, uses barks of five trees from the Ficus family including fig tree, peepal, albizia lebbeck, plaksha and banyan tree for treating these disorders. Other than that, it is also used for healing wounds in the form of an ointment. Panchavalkal is also used for treating a wide range of skin disorders and other ailments.

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