Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ayurveda meets technology

 A software, exclusively meant for Ayurvedic doctors, is being developed so that they do not deviate from the classical Ayurveda methods while treating patients and also keeps them updated about the best medical practices. The software, ‘Integrated Clinical Decision Support System’ is being developed by National Institute of Indian Medical Heritage (NIIMH), Hyderabad, based on exhaustive research and will be out in a year’s time.

The easy-to-use software will require the physician to just enter the symptoms of the patient. Based on probable science, a list of diseases will be shown as results that are most likely to be the cause of the patient’s illness. For each of the diseases, the software will guide the doctor in investigation, diagnosis and even treatment of the patient in the most traditional manner. “This is a first-of-its-kind digital tool that will make sure that Ayurveda doctors do not go wrong and also follow the prescribed treatments as per the ancient system.

As per famous Legendary sage of Ayurveda Charakacharya,The (physician) who first examines the patient and then start the treatment becomes successful.In Ayurveda, 50% medicine is correct diagnosis itself. It is not difficult to treat any disease, once correctly diagnosed.

An Excellent ebook - Ayurvedic Art of Diagnosis provides well organized knowledge about this hole process of Clinical Diagnosis.

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