Monday, February 10, 2020

World Cancer Day: Trials to develop Ayurveda & Yoga as alternative to cancer treatment

Every year, one million new cancer cases are registered in India, with 7.8 lakh deaths occurring annually. The number of cancer patients in the country is on the rise, with oral cancer accounting for 40 per cent of these cases. World Cancer Day is marked on February 4 to encourage its prevention, detection and treatment.

To develop alternative treatment options for cancer patients, Tata Memorial Hospital will soon start using Ayurveda and yoga. The hospital has tied up with the Ministry of Ayush to conduct two trials on ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of ovarian cancer.

The first study will look at whether the use of ayurvedic medicines can reduce the relapse rate of ovarian cancer. The second trial will monitor whether ayurvedic medicines can reduce the side-effects of neuropathy (nerve damage) caused by existing allopathic medicines in ovarian cancer patients.

The hospital is also conducting a clinical trial to assess whether yoga, done alongside conventional treatment, can help improve a patient’s health.
The latest clinical trial on yoga covers 850 breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy in the Parel-based hospital.
Started five years ago, the hospital is in the process of collating final data on whether yoga has improved quality of life, affected mortality of patients, and improved rate of success of treatment. Preliminary data shows those who do yoga while undergoing treatment had better tolerance levels to chemotherapy.

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