Monday, February 04, 2019

Tulsi Tea- An Ayurvedic Home Remedy

Tulsi (Holy basil) is revered for its health-enhancing qualities.Tulsi(holy basil) has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years and is still today one of India's most therapeutically respected and spiritually cherished plants.
More frequently consumed in India than coffee, holy basil or tulsi tea is an energizing drink with revitalizing properties.
It is frequently used to treat respiratory and circulatory conditions, digestive disorders, mild cognitive impairment, headaches and inflammation.
Tulsi teas, however, are most highly valued in Ayurveda as a purifying Sattvic herbal rasayana sometimes referred to in the West as "liquid yoga."

Tulsi Tea Benefits:
- Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety
- Calming Yet Energizing Sattvic Herb
- Immune Modulating Adaptogen
- Helps to Enhance Mental and Cognitive Focus
- Digestive and Respiratory Aid
- Circulatory Stimulant
- Helps to Stabilize Energy Levels

Tulsi Tea Recipe:
1 Liter water
4TSF tulsi leaf or 1 1/2TSF powder
2TSF lemon grass
1TSF coriander seeds
1TSF anise seeds
1/2TSF dried ginger root pieces or 1SF fresh ginfer
1TSF raw honey
Infuse the above ingredients in boiling hot water for 15-20 minutes in a tea pot with a lid.
Strain, then add honey.Drink as a hot cup of tea or refrigerate and serve iced.

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Health and nature said...

Tulasi leaves has many qualities which we can use it for many health issues....majorly it is use in tea and showed the making of tulsi tea,which helps us a lot in get away from our stress.
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Vinson Danish said...

Very nice post. Thanks for sharing the amazing facts and benefits of Tulsi Tea. I always used to drink the Premium Assam Tea having some Tulsi leaves.