Monday, January 28, 2019

Ointment for Eczema Treatment

Eczema treatment can vary from person to person - a remedy that works for one person may not necessarily work for the other. If topical creams prescribed by your doctor don’t work then a natural remedy might. One study found a three-ingredient ointment containing honey could soothe an eczema rash and dry skin.
An  ointment made from honey, beeswax and olive oil relieves the itchy symptoms in patients with eczema.
The ointment was made from equal parts of unprocessed honey, beeswax and cold-pressed olive oil.

If physically applying creams and ointments doesn’t work then it may be worth trying an oral supplement.Research has found that Turmeric ( an Ayurvedic Medicinal Herb) can lessen eczema symptoms. Turmeric can be taken in powder, capsule or tablet forms and even in tea, and of course you can use turmeric as a delicious spice for your food.

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